1. 4 years ago 

    World Views In Modern Times

    Social norms in American society today are off the Chart. Everyone seems to have there own world view and there are too many choices for the people to be as one. One world view is that we are all equal and should have equal rights. Well that  sounds great and all, but this gets endless. Woman want equal rights with men. Blacks want equal rights as whites. Gays want equal rights as straights. The poor want to be equal to the rich. Non smokers want to ban smoking. People want to censor all types of media and press. Others would like to control the Internet. You never know what is next. And they do all of this with fear, doubt, envy, control, marketing, and peer pressure.

    I am not saying that I agree or disagree with any of these world views. What I am saying is simple, Do what ever you want just dont make me do it. Dont interfere with with my point of view. Dont teach my child your point of view in scholl leave that up to the parents. (Example..If on day its popular to shave all the hair of your body off, dont teach this is ok in school and make it mandatory.) We all should deciede what is moral and unmoral for ourselves as long as it dont hurt others. If people do things that are self destructive let them. They are hurting no one but themselves. If  they hurt others should they be punished. Other than that keep your own views, don’t shun people in public, If you don’t like someone its simple, don’t talk to them. Love  one another don’t hate, just separate. If we learn not to hate, To protect the moral value which we pass on to our children without outside interference, And to protect the innocent from all types of harm. Then we could be the perfect community.